The Forest Man of India

Since 1979, Jadav Payeng has planted every single tree in a forest that covers some 1360 acres of an island in the Jorhat district of India. The forest helps prevent the erosion of the island and is now home to elephants, rhinos, tigers, and other animals.

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"That just happened. We were just crossing and they said, ‘Hey that’s a nice view!’ And he got out and jumped on that bridge railing and took off his shirt—that was just to show off—and then he jumped. Once, you know? He jumped once and that was it. Today you would bring a producer and crew, and he would jump 25 times." - photographer Thomas Hoepker.

Chicago, 1966.


A young Bruce Lee posing for a picture with Grandmaster Ip Man.


"Fight Knight", Vogue US, December 1989
Photographer : Bruce Weber
Model & Star : Naomi Campbell & Mike Tyson

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Pablo Escobar photographed with wife Maria Victoria.

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